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Staying safe on Facebook

See this site for a pdf guide on how to stay safe on Facebook http://dougpete.wordpress.com/2011/08/19/facebook-security/ Advertisements

Nat Geo Quiz on Xbox360

Nat Geo Quiz is a multiplayer quiz game on the Xbox360 based on National Geographic videos. The game has four themes: Amazing Planet, Predators vs Prey, Dangerous Encounters and Aquatic Life. The game goes beyond multiple choice quizzes and offers images and video based questions, true or false questions and memory tests. Nat Geo Quiz … Continue reading

Kinect Adventures – embedding an Xbox game in your classroom

Overview:   Kinect Adventures uses full body motion to allow the player to engage in a variety of minigames, all of which feature jump-in, jump-out multiplayer play. Each minigame lasts about three minutes. While most of the minigames are co-operative in two player mode, Reflex Ridge is a competitive game. The object of all the … Continue reading

MHS google calendar set up


How to create, edit and use distribution lists

How to create distribution lists in Microsoft Outlook Web Access

Using animations in the classroom

http://youtu.be/9w5dERVetLY Web tools for creating animations are great communication tools which enable students to be creative in expressing their knowledge and understanding through words, pictures, animations and audio. Creating an animation to explain a concept allows students to develop higher-order thinking skills (see Bloom’s digital taxonomy) and long-term project planning related skills. Creating an animation … Continue reading


What is Wordle? Wordle is an online tool for creating “word clouds”, which are images from text that you provide. You can enter the text or ask Wordle to grab the text from a website. How can I use Wordle in the classroom? Wordle can be used across all subject areas. Some teachers have used … Continue reading

4Up – 4 years of laptops

4Up – 4 years of laptops is a documentary series uncovering how 1:1 laptops and DERNSW is impacting on student learning. This is the first episode following four students from NSW public schools. The students discuss how laptops have enhanced their learning. Click here to download the video

Portal email

What is portal email? Portal email uses Microsoft Outlook Web Access and is an efficient way to communicate with staff, students and the wider community. Below are some user guides to help you become more efficient with portal email. User guides How_to_create_distribution_lists Creating_a_mailbox_folder Forwarding_mails_to_a_mailbox_folder How to change student passwords.[1]

Interactive pdf

What is an interactive pdf? An interactive pdf is a pdf document that has fields for the user to enter data into. How can I use interactive pdfs in my classroom? Interactive pdfs can be used as electronic worksheets where students can type in short sentences in a text field as their answer. The worksheet might have radio … Continue reading

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