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Interactive pdf

pdf iconWhat is an interactive pdf?

An interactive pdf is a pdf document that has fields for the user to enter data into.

How can I use interactive pdfs in my classroom?

Interactive pdfs can be used as electronic worksheets where students can type in short sentences in a text field as their answer. The worksheet might have radio buttons for students to complete multiple choice questions. The worksheet might also have check boxes for students to undertake self reflection on their learning. The uses of interactive pdfs in the classroom are endless.

From a school administrative perspective, interactive pdfs can be used as forms where data can be entered. For example forms to attend a conference can be turned into an interactive pdf so the user does not have to print out the form to complete it. Instead the user can can fill in the form via fields on the computer and submit the form electronically.

Interactive pdfs have the potential to make classrooms, schools and other organisations paperless.

How do I create interactive pdfs?

The slideshow below is a step-to-step in creating interactive pdfs for a variety purposes. The slideshow was created by Stefanie Lia.

More information on interactive pdfs

Below are links for more info on the potential of interactive pdfs

Adobe TV – interactive pdf

Have you used interactive pdfs in your classroom?

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