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Interactive quizzes

What are interactive quizzes?

Interactive quizzes allow students to complete multiple choice questions, matching activities, short answer questions and lots more using computers or 1:1 laptops. The advantages of interactive quizzes over traditional pen-and-paper quizzes include:

  • Students being able to receive immediate feedback
  • The possible integration of animations and videos into quizzes
  • The interactive quiz can be completed over and over again for students to improve on their previous attempts

How can I use interactive quizzes in my classroom?

You can make an interactive quiz and distribute it to your students for revision, accessing their existing knowledge at the start of a unit of work or as formative assessment. However, it is more powerful to teach your students how to create interactive quizzes for their fellow classmates. When students create an interactive quiz, they need to apply their understanding of concepts, which will help develop their higher order thinking skills.

How do I make an interactive quiz?

Interactive quizzes can be created using a range of software including Adobe Captivate and Microsoft Excel. The file below contains step-by-step instructions on how to make an interactive quiz using Adobe Captivate and Microsoft Excel.

MHS SDD Captivate and Excel Workshop 2011



One thought on “Interactive quizzes

  1. What an amazing day! Sooo much quality learning and fun 🙂

    Posted by Belinda | April 27, 2011, 12:18 pm

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