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What is Wordle? Wordle is an online tool for creating “word clouds”, which are images from text that you provide. You can enter the text or ask Wordle to grab the text from a website. How can I use Wordle in the classroom? Wordle can be used across all subject areas. Some teachers have used … Continue reading

4Up – 4 years of laptops

4Up – 4 years of laptops is a documentary series uncovering how 1:1 laptops and DERNSW is impacting on student learning. This is the first episode following four students from NSW public schools. The students discuss how laptops have enhanced their learning. Click here to download the video

Portal email

What is portal email? Portal email uses Microsoft Outlook Web Access and is an efficient way to communicate with staff, students and the wider community. Below are some user guides to help you become more efficient with portal email. User guides How_to_create_distribution_lists Creating_a_mailbox_folder Forwarding_mails_to_a_mailbox_folder How to change student passwords.[1]

Interactive pdf

What is an interactive pdf? An interactive pdf is a pdf document that has fields for the user to enter data into. How can I use interactive pdfs in my classroom? Interactive pdfs can be used as electronic worksheets where students can type in short sentences in a text field as their answer. The worksheet might have radio … Continue reading

Interactive quizzes

What are interactive quizzes? Interactive quizzes allow students to complete multiple choice questions, matching activities, short answer questions and lots more using computers or 1:1 laptops. The advantages of interactive quizzes over traditional pen-and-paper quizzes include: Students being able to receive immediate feedback The possible integration of animations and videos into quizzes The interactive quiz … Continue reading

Online collaboration

Webtools for online collaboration: Primary Pad – Online word processing tool to enhance student collobaration. Primary Pad can be used for: Collaborative writing tasks Classroom discussions to enhance participation for all students Notaland has more features than Primary Pad, including pen tools and eraser tools. Notaland is more like OneNote. Tips – Make your Notebook Private. … Continue reading


What is a podcast? A podcast is a digital media file that are recorded and released episodically. Podcasts are often downloaded from the web. Many radion shows like Hamish and Andy will record their shows digitally so that listeners from around the world can download their radio show as an audio file to listen at … Continue reading

Using wikis to enhance student collaboration

What is a wiki? A wiki is an online space where users can actively participate in the creation and editing of content. A famous example of a wiki is Wikipedia, where the audience can create new webpages, add to existing webpages or edit existing webpages if they think the content is incorrect. The following video explains … Continue reading

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